Getting to know CAP

In order to find out more about CAP (Christians Against Poverty) and explore ways in which Rosskeen might become involved, in May three of us went to Bishopbriggs to attend a Church Partnership day. We were moved by the personal stories of ex-clients, impressed by the organisation and professionalism of the workers and challenged by their belief that their primary function is to be evangelists of the gospel. Every time a client is converted they sound a bell at HQ and everyone gathers to pray and give thanks to God. In May alone the bell sounded 47 times!

CAP will only work in an area where they can partner with a local church. In a nutshell, they provide the debt expertise with a local worker being the personal contact, or as they described “the evangelist”. Currently, there are 12 CAP Centres in Scotland, with the furtherest north being in Inverness. The organisation has a desire to see a CAP Centre in every city and town throughout the UK.

Fiona Dolan.