Knowing God

‘I know whom I have believed,’ 2 Timothy Ch.1 v 12

Knowing God

I often wonder how well I actually know God.

When I read my Bible I see accounts of men like Abraham, Jacob, Elijah, Paul and others who knew God in a personal way. These men had a glorious and continuing experience with the Almighty God that sustained, strengthened and refreshed them. This conscious awareness of God, that was the hallmark of their lives and exploits, brought them intimately close Him. They knew that ‘their Redeemer liveth,’ Job 19 v 25.

Can we say that our knowledge of and faith in Jesus Christ, can be compared to that of the saints of old?

Tapping Noises

I was reminded of this one spring morning when I was disturbed by loud tapping noises coming from outside my office at the foot of my garden.

I eventually traced the source of the sounds to a bird box that had been fixed to the rear wall of the office a few years ago and some discreet observation revealed that two blue tits were starting to build a nest there. I wondered if they were the same birds that had nested there for a couple of years now.

Intimate Knowledge

Assuming that it was, these birds had obviously returned to a nesting place that was intimately known to them. Their experimental knowledge of the nest box must have been strengthened by the fact that it was a tried and tested place of refuge to them.

The little box had withstood gales blowing in from the nearby sea which from time to time tore branches from nearby trees.

It had even stood firm when a great storm had recently caused devastating damage along the sea shore and demolished part of the harbour wall.

I wonder if our experimental knowledge of Jesus is such that we can say that the reality of His existence has provided us with a tried and tested place of refuge where we can find rest from the burdens of everyday life, strength for each day and hope for the future?

Is our knowledge of God akin to that of the Old Testament Saints such as Abraham?

Faithful Abraham

Abraham could not turn to a minister for help. He had no scriptures. And yet he knew God in a way few of us will ever do.

God’s dealings with him were such that, despite whatever plans he might have had, Abraham was led to commit his life and future into His hands, having been told by Him ‘ I am the Almighty God, walk before me, and be thou perfect,’ Genesis 17 v 1.

God has a plan for every believer in Jesus. Do we realise and truly believe that if we have Jesus Christ we need nothing more?

Totally Committed

As I think about the blue tits busy preparing their nest and the hope they had for the future of successfully raising young once more, I am reminded that the bird box had never let them down no matter what came their way. I think it would be safe to say that their knowledge of the box brought them such a sense of security they became totally committed to it.

Can we honestly say that our personal knowledge of Jesus Christ is such that, having committed our lives totally into His hands, we have an inward sense of well being and security?

Can we say with Paul of old that ‘I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him …’ 2 Timothy 1 v 12.

Belief Rewarded

It is some time since the blue tits started building their nest and all being well, they will soon be gone again, hopefully accompanied by another brood of young birds, their belief in, and knowledge of the security of the nest box having been rewarded.

Abraham’s intimate knowledge of and belief in God was rewarded for ‘it was accounted to him for righteousness,’ Galatians 3 v 6.

Dear readers, the Bible tells us that those who come to God ‘must believe that He is,’ Hebrews 11 v 6. Is our knowledge of and belief in Jesus Christ such that we can say we really know Him?

Blessings for Time and Eternity

May we, through prayerfully searching the Scriptures and continual commitment to and dependence on Jesus be led, day by day, to truly know Him; and be able to rejoice in the knowledge that, like faithful Abraham, we will be rewarded with many blessings ‘in this present time and in the world to come, life everlasting’, Luke 18 v 30.