‘Alternatives Highland’ Crisis Pregnancy centre closing its doors.

We have been struggling for a few months over a number of issues, the financial one being the biggest. This decision was not taken lightly. We agreed as a committee we have done everything we possibly could to keep the Centre running. Although this is very sad news we all believe it’s the correct decision to make. We believe that a number of doors have been closed by God. This was thought upon and looking at the number of clients we have it’s not feasible to be paying the amount of outgoings that we pay.
We take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and prayers over the past few years.
Please continue to pray for those feeling alone when they see a pregnancy as a crisis or struggle emotionally after having gone through with an abortion. Most of all… pray for the unborn child who is a Child of God. ‘We should desire to express in a compassionate way God’s heart for the mothers and fathers facing unexpected pregnancies; His Love, Forgiveness and Redemption for those who have chosen abortion and His care for all life, however conceived’!!

Mhairi Stirling (on behalf of Alternatives)