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Rosskeen Page.
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Rosskeen Free Church which is public community.
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We love because He first loved us 1 John 4:19Private Rosskeen Free Church Family Google+ Community
Rosskeen Free Church YF community
This is a private community
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The idea behind this community is for private communication between church members for the building up on the church family. The church family includes extended members such as members of other Free Churches and missionaries. I'll shortly be sending out invites to the whole church family.

Goggle Page

Pages are similar to a normal users account. The only difference is that a page represents an organisation or company rather than an individual. Once we have enough followers we can request verification from google and they will update the URL from a long ID number to more friend name such +RosskeenFreeChurch

The page will work in the same fashion as our Facebook page – same updates etc. This is fine since people are normally G+ users or Facebook users rather than both.

Interaction on pages or user accounts is via streams (in coming) and sharing (out going).


When a user wants to share something (message, video, image, link) they have to input who they what to share it with. As well as sharing with people individually you can share with a group of people.


A user can see what another user has shared with them specifically or with the public generally. Instead of hopping from user to user profile to see their messages you instead press “Follow” button. This then adds that users shares to your stream.

A user can comment on what you share.

Google Communities

Communities do not represent organisations, rather they are groups of users who what to talk about specific topic.

So Rosskeen Free Church page is us communicating out, in simular fashion to this web page, but on a social media platform of google+. But communities are groups of individuals communicating with each other.

Communities can be private or public.

Public communities can also choose if people can join simple be clicking on Follow or whether they have to request to join. A moderator from the community would then grant/deny access to the person.

All people on google+ can view public communities and can take part if they join.

Both the Rosskeen Free Church community and the Rosskeen YF community are public communities where a moderator needs to grant access before a user can take part.

Private communities also have two options – able to find in searches and not listed in searches (in effect hidden)

Private/Searchable communities can be found by anyone on google+ but they cannot see any content until they have joined the community. A community moderator would grant/deny access.

Private/hidden communities cannot be found. A member of the community may invite other people but only the community moderators could grant/deny access. The Rosskeen Free Church Family community of this type.


Yours in Christ,
Jonathan Mason