I am the Good Shepherd

Reading: John 10:1-21

Key Verse: John 10:11 11 ‘I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.’

We know that sheep can’t cope on their own; they always end up in difficulties and problems, they need fed cared for. The shepherd cares for the sheep, and they know him and he knows him. The bible says that we are sheep, and Jesus calls himself the Good Shepherd. He knows all about us, leads us and guides and protects us. Quite often sheep stray and wander away, and need to be rescued by the shepherd. Are you trusting in the Good Shepherd? Are you listening to his voice?

Sermons Points:
A: The Shepherds Relationship to his Sheep
B: The Shepherds Provision for his Sheep
C: The Shepherds Heart for his Sheep

Series: Communions 2014

Preacher: Rev Lachie Macdonald, South Uist and Benbecula Free Church
Preached: Friday Evening Communion Service, 20th June 2014

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