Come dine with me!


The evening began with Mhairi MacAulay and myself welcoming everyone and explaining what the centre work involves and who we help, telling what the funds are to be used for and the hope of preparing a programme to take into the schools for teenagers.

‘Alternatives’ are very thankful for the support they receive and once again would like to thank Rosskeen Free Church for the premises.  Without this support our outgoings would be too much for the centre to manage.

Rev Iain MacAskill prayed and gave thanks for the food that had been prepared. With chattering and laughter at every table, one could only assume that everyone was enjoying themselves. After a tremendous three course meal, served by three lovely and efficient waitresses,  everyone relaxed to listen to our guest speaker for the evening, Rev Kenny Macdonald, who was introduced and welcomed.

It was lovely to have Kenny present and his talk was spiritual and very moving. Kenny spoke on Calvary and those that were around the cross identifying it with present day life.  The following is a resume of what he shared.

‘The world hasn’t changed much since Calvary when you think about it! People still chasing after things…MONEY, POWER AND PRESTIGE! MONEY TO SATISFY…Judas Iscariot was one of the inner circle. He was in charge of the money bag. Yep he fiddled the books. Everyone thought he was a nice guy, BUT!!!POWER and PRESTIGE….Caiaphas the High Priest from the religious elite, handed Jesus over to be crucified and the soldiers at the foot of the cross played dice for His clothes while He died just above them. The Son Of God, better still God In The flesh dying as a Substitute for mankind, being ignored by a lost world. Then and Now!!! Are we to do this too?’

Wow!  There were tears in the room.  A very sombre but true statement.

The latter part of the evening was enjoyed by the diners with Jimmy Gunn and Brian Skinner.  Music and song brought to us in a joyful and once again moving way. Jimmy’s singing and guitar playing accompanied by Brian’s fiddle was just perfect. One of the songs was ‘Alison’ which Jimmy had written a number of years ago.

Mhairi ended the evening by thanking everyone there and all involved in making it possible.  To add to the buzz of the evening the BBC film crew were there. The guys were excellent and part of this will be shown on BBC Alba in the future.

We would like to thank you all for your prayer support for this valuable work which was given to us by God. Please continue to pray for the young mums/ mums-to-be who struggle financially (we support with baby items) and especially the unborn child and those that face depression after having had an abortion.


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Seeds of Hope Update

Fontaine Selway—Community Worker

Seeds of Hope continues to collect and redistribute Lidl food in many crisis situations throughout Ross-shire on a daily basis.
The Food bank and blether at Milnafua Hall on a Thursday between 10.30 am -2.00 pm is continuing to be well appreciated by the community. People from all walks of life may come for tea, coffee a bite to eat, free game of pool,free haircuts with occasional impromptu gospel singing.

We recently enjoyed a trip out – a cruise along the Caledonian Canal followed by a picnic at Whin Park.

Seeds of Hope Outing to Caledonian Canal 2013

Seeds of Hope Outing 2013


 Seeds of Hope Caravan Retreat Coulmore Bay, North Kessock.  
The Occupational Therapist from the Highland Hospice has assessed the caravan retreat and will now refer patients and families for respite breaks and holidays. We pray this will be a blessed time for those using it.

 Work has started on the Seeds of Hope Garden based at Milnafua allotments where we hope to have the beds assembled and the community garden filled with plants very soon.

All are invited to drop in and help out!

Tea and biscuits for the workers!

Every Tuesday 10.00am – 2.00pm



George Beverly Shea

George Beverly Shea

The first time I heard of George Beverly Shea was at breakfast one morning in 1955, when my Dad was telling my Mum, my sister and myself about Billy Graham, George Beverly Shea and Cliff Barrows. At that time Dad was a policeman in Glasgow and the previous evening he had been on points and crowd control duty at the Kelvin Hall in the city. He spoke about thousands of people queuing to get into the Kelvin Hall to hear an American evangelist on his first crusade to Scotland. While they waited for up to three hours for the doors to open, the crowd sang hymns and gospel songs. My Dad said,” The singing was good on the way in, but on the way out! it was wonderful!”

George Beverly Shea

George Beverly Shea

George Beverly Shea was born on 1st February 1909 in Ontario, Canada, one of eight children born to a Wesleyan Methodist minister father and a mother who played the organ in his church. He grew up playing piano, organ and violin and sang in the church choir. His early ambition was to be a Mountie. He moved to New York State in the US to attend a Christian College but left without completing his degree in order to return home to help support his family during the Depression. For ten years, he worked as an insurance clerk, taking voice lessons in the evenings. It’s unclear as to when his conversion took place. However at the age of twenty-three he found a poem by Rhea Miller. He put music to it thus creating what would become one of his signature songs, “I’d rather have Jesus than silver or gold”.

In 1947, a young Southern Baptist minister called William Franklin (Billy) Graham Jnr heard him sing on the radio and invited Shea to join him and musical director Cliff Barrows for the first of what Billy Graham called his “crusades” in Charlotte, North Carolina. Those three men would spend the next 50 years traveling the world together on these crusades.

George Beverly Shea recorded in excess of 70 Gospel albums one of which earned him a Grammy Award in 1966. In 2011, at the grand old age of 102, he became the oldest recipient of a Grammy – on this occasion a Lifetime Achievement Award which he received in person. Apart from his appearances on Dr Graham’s TV and radio shows, he sang at prayer services in the White House for presidents from Dwight D Eisenhower to George Bush Snr. It is said that his voice was heard from North Dakota to North Korea!

Over the six weeks of the 1955 Crusade in Glasgow’s Kelvin Hall, many thousands walked forward to enquire further or to give their lives to Jesus. It is estimated that over 2.5 million Scots heard George Beverly Shea sing and Dr Billy Graham preach. A BBC TV broadcast of the Crusade attracted the biggest audience since the Coronation two years earlier. The Reformed churches in Scotland experienced a large increase in membership over the next couple of years. Some regarded this as a defining moment in Scottish religious history.

The last time I heard of George Beverly Shea was on 16th April 2013, when George Hamilton IV announced from the stage at Eden Court Theatre that “George Beverly Shea had, that morning, gone Home to be with his Lord”.

A truly long life dedicated to the Lord’s service in this world had come to an end:
a glorious life continues in Eternity.

Willie Campbell