Come dine with me!


The evening began with Mhairi MacAulay and myself welcoming everyone and explaining what the centre work involves and who we help, telling what the funds are to be used for and the hope of preparing a programme to take into the schools for teenagers.

‘Alternatives’ are very thankful for the support they receive and once again would like to thank Rosskeen Free Church for the premises.  Without this support our outgoings would be too much for the centre to manage.

Rev Iain MacAskill prayed and gave thanks for the food that had been prepared. With chattering and laughter at every table, one could only assume that everyone was enjoying themselves. After a tremendous three course meal, served by three lovely and efficient waitresses,  everyone relaxed to listen to our guest speaker for the evening, Rev Kenny Macdonald, who was introduced and welcomed.

It was lovely to have Kenny present and his talk was spiritual and very moving. Kenny spoke on Calvary and those that were around the cross identifying it with present day life.  The following is a resume of what he shared.

‘The world hasn’t changed much since Calvary when you think about it! People still chasing after things…MONEY, POWER AND PRESTIGE! MONEY TO SATISFY…Judas Iscariot was one of the inner circle. He was in charge of the money bag. Yep he fiddled the books. Everyone thought he was a nice guy, BUT!!!POWER and PRESTIGE….Caiaphas the High Priest from the religious elite, handed Jesus over to be crucified and the soldiers at the foot of the cross played dice for His clothes while He died just above them. The Son Of God, better still God In The flesh dying as a Substitute for mankind, being ignored by a lost world. Then and Now!!! Are we to do this too?’

Wow!  There were tears in the room.  A very sombre but true statement.

The latter part of the evening was enjoyed by the diners with Jimmy Gunn and Brian Skinner.  Music and song brought to us in a joyful and once again moving way. Jimmy’s singing and guitar playing accompanied by Brian’s fiddle was just perfect. One of the songs was ‘Alison’ which Jimmy had written a number of years ago.

Mhairi ended the evening by thanking everyone there and all involved in making it possible.  To add to the buzz of the evening the BBC film crew were there. The guys were excellent and part of this will be shown on BBC Alba in the future.

We would like to thank you all for your prayer support for this valuable work which was given to us by God. Please continue to pray for the young mums/ mums-to-be who struggle financially (we support with baby items) and especially the unborn child and those that face depression after having had an abortion.


Contact details for Alternatives

Alternatives Spring Update

What have we been up to?

Since we moved into the cabin last January we have been blessed with quite a number of different things to encourage us in this work. As a centre we work to support individuals facing an unexpected pregnancy although we have had very few calls from people in this situation. We are working on this and praying about how to reach them.

Most of our calls have been for Post Abortion support where we had to refer our clients to online counsellors as we had no one trained in this work. It was a concern for our centre but we have to remember Our Lord has a plan for everything. In October Mairi MacAulay came on board after God brought her to live in the area. Once again we were blessed and we now have our Post Abortion counsellor. Mairi is meeting with a girl every two weeks at Manna House in Inverness at the moment.

The two Mairis attended a youth leaders team meeting in Dingwall. We shared about the work of Alternatives and received very positive feedback. We are willing to go to meetings/gatherings to share about the work of Alternatives. Mhairi met with Marion Fraser at Newstart. It was decided we could be used by each other as Newstart had previous clients who would benefit from our support. We look forward to working alongside these teams in the future. We are to be invited along to one of their meetings where midwives and health visitors will be present.

Donations and Fundraising

We organised a sponsored walk with the help of Rosskeen Toddler group. A lovely day was had by adults and children. Once again God took care of us by sending sunshine. We walked along the riverside at Alness. As we returned to the centre the rain started to fall. A big thank you to all who supported us with this event. The sum of £1,058 was raised. We received £1,000 from the Hugh Fraser foundation after our application for funding was accepted.

We receive a number of donations from churches and individuals which we are very appreciative of. Without this help the centre would not be able to run.

It’s not only the money donations we receive. Donations of baby items are a tremendous help also. Items are always in nearly new and excellent condition. A big thank you to ladies who donate nappies, wipes and knitting on a regular basis.

We have helped some mums-to-be providing most of what they need to bring a baby into the world.

The following are quotes from an email and a text received from girls who have benefitted.

“I can’t stop telling people what an amazing job you’s do you really have taken a weight of my shoulders”

“Without the help of alternatives I don’t thing I’d manage. The idea of having another was daunting. So thank you for all the time and hard work you put in to help me.”

The messages are so encouraging for us at Alternatives.

The Move

We have moved into Capstone on Obsdale Road. Capstone is owned by Rosskeen Free Church and we are thankful to them for their ongoing support with premises. I share an office with Fiona and there is a very homely quiet room for meeting with clients. We look forward to the future here and pray for God’s continued blessing in this.


We value your prayers, below are some prayer points

  • Continue to thank God for His blessings which are many.
  • Pray for opportunities to share the work with the public.
  • Pray that posters and leaflets reach the right people.
  • Pray that individuals would contact us before they go ahead with an abortion. It helps them make an informed choice.
  • Pray for continued financial support.


Mhairi Stirling(Counsellor for Alternatives)