Architectural drawings

Floor plan shows the Capstone Church building. It shows a cafe at the front with the main church auditorium behind.
CapstoneFloorPlan (430kB)

Four 3D computer images of the Capstone Church building. Image 1 – looking down on the front of the building as though you where across the street in a 3rd or 4th story building. Image 2 – street level view of the building as though you where at the corner which leads down to the railway station. Image 3 – elevated view of the left hand side of the building where the car park will be. Image 4 – looking at both Capstone building from the entrance/exit of the doctors surgery car park
Capstone_3D-a (169kB)

3D computer image of the Capstone Church building and the Capstone Admin building. Street level view as if you are looking at both Capstone building from the entrance/exit of the doctors surgery car park
Capstone_3D-b (96kB)

3D computer image of the Capstone Church building from its car park.
Capstone_3D-c (105kB)

Capstone now online and progressing

Capstone quite room

The March meeting of the Development Group was held in the Capstone on 11th April 2013. Raymond Angus, the project architect gave the news that the Planning Permission and the Building Warrants submitted for the development have all been passed. We are now applying for a further warrant for the downstairs area of the Capstone, which has already been agreed in principle.

The upstairs area has an office where Fiona Dolan, Fundraiser, and Mhairi Stirling, ‘Alternatives’, are both housed. Alick Stewart is going to be taking up some space for the R2R project. The office can be used as a good sized meeting room too. There is a small meeting room, aptly called the Quiet Room. This room is for smaller meetings of two to three people and is perfect for counselling. There is also a large meeting room to complete the top floor.

Capstone is set-up with phones and broadband. The phone number is 01349 880776 and e-mail address is [email protected]

The plan is to have an Open Day at Capstone when you can come along and see the transformation from the old rent office to the Capstone. In the meantime, Fiona Dolan is there between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday and would welcome any callers. She will also have the plans on view. The project is still in the early stages but it is important that you see how your donations to the Development Fund are being used.

In addition to the very generous gift of the buildings, donations to the Development Fund have gone well with £7,537 coming from congregational donations since the launch of the fund in June 2012. This has enabled us to take it to the level we are currently at in Phase 1 of the project. We thank our Lord for His provision and the generosity of the congregation.

We are now planning ahead to Phase 2, which is the old Co-op building of the Capstone. This is to be the Worship area, with the capacity for 200 people, a cafe, office, and the opportunity to generate income by hiring out the auditorium for conferences and meetings. This phase is going to cost around £400,000. We have quite a challenge ahead to raise this kind of money. If you would like to make a financial pledge to support this next phase of the Rosskeen Development, please get in touch with Treasurer, Marie Ewan, via [email protected]  One-off donations are also very gratefully received and can just be placed in the plate, marked for Development Fund.

Even if you are not in a position to provide financial support, please pray for finance for this project as we have a wonderful opportunity to reach many more people with such an easily accessible location.

Capstone Office and  Quite Room
Conference Room & Kitchen