YF (Youth Fellowship)

Ever wondered what you got when you crossed the cup song, popping popcorn, fruit ninja, pizza, Harry from ‘One Direction’ and the Bible? Yep, you have the Rosskeen YF!

YF meets after church on Sunday evenings from 7.30 pm till 9 pm during term- time in the Capstone Centre. The age range is S1-S6 though we do extend it a bit and P7’s are welcome after the Easter holidays.

We do Bible studies, quiz nights, we have speakers and much, much more. Currently we’ve been looking at topics such as what does the Bible say about Face book and twitter; how to respond to difficult questions from friends such as things related to the Da Vinci Code and looking at what we think about Church. (All together now YF – WE ARE THE CHURCH!) We have an anony- mous questions box where anyone can place questions they may have or things they may want us to discuss which help us leaders focus on topics that the YF’ers are interested in.

Throughout the year we try and spend time together socially too – after all the Church is a family and family hang out together! We go bowling, have BBQ’s, a Christmas party, film nights, go to the cinema together and we’re open to suggestions for anything else people would like us to do together!

We’ve also started small groups where we can spend time chillaxing and sup- porting each other. The girls meet fortnightly from 4-7 on a Thursday in Saltburn with Christina and Claire Ross. The boys’ small group are meeting up on Saturday the 16th of February for a morning playing FIFA & bacon rolls before heading to the footy in Dingwall. Please feel free to come along – just get in touch via mobile or Face book for more information.

We would LOVE any young folk who are high school age to come and join in the banter – maybe YOU? Maybe someone you know? Please encourage our young folk – it isn’t easy to follow Jesus at any age but particularly at school.

So come along ‘n’ join in the banter and learn more about Jesus along the way…

Dates when YF is on.

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