2 June : National Day of Prayer for Marriage and crucial Lords vote


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We are issuing this joint correspondance to urge you all to make Sunday, 2 June, a National Day of Prayer for Marriage. It is an opportunity to come together and show our very great concern for marriage.The timing could not be more urgent. It has now been revealed that the very next day, Monday 3 June, the House of Lords will have an opportunity to vote down the whole same-sex marriage Bill.This vote against the Bill is being led by independent Peer, Lord Dear, a highly respected former HM Chief Inspector of Police. If it succeeds, the Government’s Bill will have suffered a decisive defeat.We believe it is possible to win this vote in the Lords, and we would encourage Christians throughout the nation to pray for that result.However – and we cannot stress this enough – if the vote does not succeed there will still be other opportunities to derail the Bill at later stages in the Lords.Monday 3 June could be the day when the Government’s plans are decisively defeated, so yes it’s an important moment in the campaign. But if we are not successful, don’t be alarmed, there is still all to play for.With so much at stake, please will you pray for marriage in our nation?

Please pray:

  • That marriage will not be redefined, and that it will be promoted in society for the good of all.
  • That on Monday 3 June a majority of Peers will vote against the bill to redefine marriage.
  • For the Coalition for Marriage group as it campaigns to defend the historic meaning of marriage.
  • For parliamentarians and others in public life to have the courage to stand up for their convictions.
  • For the news media, that they would report the issue widely, fairly, and accurately.
  • That the consequences of redefining marriage would be publicly known and properly discussed.
  • That people would not face discrimination, in the workplace or elsewhere, because of their sincere beliefs about marriage.

Open prayer is encouraged, but this written prayer may also be of help:

Heavenly Father,

We thank you for the gift of marriage which you established at the dawn of time, to be a blessing for all generations throughout the earth, down through the ages.

We pray that you would fill each and every marriage with your love and grace, and that every husband and wife would know the joy that comes from sharing and giving.

We thank you for establishing marriage to be a secure and stable environment for raising children.

We pray for all those who do not enjoy those blessings, remembering that you are a father to the orphan and a husband to the widow.

We pray, as you have commanded us, for those in positions of civil authority.

We ask that you would have mercy on our nation as the Government seeks to redefine marriage which is so precious in your sight.

We pray that our government will act with wisdom and righteousness, upholding marriage as the voluntary union of one man to one woman for life, for the good of all people.

We pray for our nation, as our government seeks to redefine marriage. We pray that these plans would fail.

And we pray for ourselves, that we would speak out in support of marriage with gentleness and kindness, but also with courage and confidence.

In the name of Christ Jesus our Lord we pray.

 Yours in Christ,
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Colin Hart
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