Two prodigals and the Kingdom of Heaven


Reading: Luke 15:1-2, 11-32

In the culture of the day the older brother inherited a double blessing. With only 2 sons, this older brother would have received two thirds of his father’s wealth. After the younger had taken his share away then everything left was the older son’s to inherit. When the father was generous with the younger brother coming home the older brother was galled, since the father spending his own money meant less inheritance for him.

Are we like the older brother?

Sermon Points:
Young brother
Let God be God. You cannot appease God only Jesus can and did.

Older brother
Wanted the blessings of heaven but did not want to share it.

Jesus is the true elder brother
How like Jesus the true elder brother are you?

Series: Communion 2014
Preacher: Rev Roddy MacRae
Preached: Thanksgiving Service, 02 November 2014

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