The one with true authority

Roddy Barvas nwb

Reading: Luke 5:12-26

Sermon Points:

Big Idea : Who is this one who is able to forgive our sins? Only Jesus, God incarnate.  Question: What are you willing to do to bring your friend a friend to Jesus? Reverse Question : What are you doing that is preventing people from coming to Jesus?  Pharisees character  1: Religious separatists  2: By character unloving 3: Hypocritical  4: Joyless 5: Big on methodology  6: Lovers of power  7: Tendency to get in the way 8: Missing the big picture – see sin as external rather than internal heart problem

Preacher: Rev Roddy MacRae

Preached: Noon Service, 15 March 2015

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What is sin?

Reading: Genesis 3:1-24


Sermon Points:

A: Sin is a law problem.
B: Sin is worship problem.
C: Sin has a Christ solution.
D: How are we to deal with sin?
1: Hate: We are to hate sin.
2: Honest: Be honest, we cannot deal with sin.
3: Humble: Be humble to admit we have sin
4: Hope: Acknowledge our hope of change is only in and through Jesus

Series: Questions and answers

Preacher: Rev Calum MacMillan

Preached: Noon Service, 08 March 2015

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