Spiritual Disciplines

Nothing is more important than your own personal relationship with Jesus. Nothing! Guard this above everything else. We cannot stress enough the importance of private bible reading and prayer. Form good habits early and it can be a great help.

Bible Reading

First of all find a version of the Bible that you can understand. There are many different translations out there (the bible originally was largely written in Hebrew and Greek) - some use modern English, others more archaic language. At Church we use the New International Version - UK (NIV-UK) as it reads well when read aloud and is reasonably easy to understand. Other versions we recommend are the English Standard Version (ESV) or the New Living Translation (NLT). For younger people a ‘Youth Bible’ can be very helpful. While using the web you can make use of the Bible Gateway which has 46 English versions, and 11 audio versions, along with Commentaries and Bible dictionaries.

It can be useful to change the version you read from time to time as this can help you get a better grasp of what God is saying, and comparing versions can shed light on the meaning of passages too. Bible Gateway helps in this repect as it allows you to read two or more versions in parallel - for example Ephesians chapter 1

Bible reading plans can be useful, especially as you learn to study the Bible and we would encourage you to invest in a study bible which has explanatory notes along the way. There are numerous good study bibles out there. Why not try the ESV study Bible (great, extensive notes), The Reformation Study Bible, or The Life Application Study Bible? Take a look around and find the one that suits you. Some find daily reading notes beneficial too, such as : Daily Bread, Our Daily Bread, The Word for Today, Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening many others – speak to the ministers or elders if you would like advice.

If you are totally new to the Bible we would recommend starting with what we call the Gospels. There are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the first four books of the New Testament, which describe the life and ministry of Jesus. Spend some time here before moving on to the rest of the New Testament and Old Testament. (The Bible is in 2 parts – the Old Testament (OT) and the New Testament (NT). The OT takes up roughly two-thirds of the Bible and the NT the final third. The OT builds up to the arrival of Jesus and the NT opens with Jesus’ arrival.)

In time, vary between Old and New Testament and try learning parts of the Bible off by heart. Remember that God wrote the Bible; so ask him to help you understand what you are reading.

The Church has plenty of Bible study options for you to come and learn more about God’s Word and to discuss and ask questions – check the bulletin or ask the ministers for more details. Any of the ministers or other Church members would be delighted to answer any questions you have at any time – please don’t be shy, ask!

Listen to Sermons

Listening to sermons helps us to grow in our understanding of God’s Word. Rosskeen sermons are available on both CD and DVD as well as MP3 downloads from this website. There are many great resources available as shown below. Put them on your MP3 player/smart phone/tablet and take them with you, listen in the car or wherever. Obviously, with the Internet there is the bad as well as the good so be careful – the ministers are happy to talk if you need any advice. Remember that this is additional. It does not replace coming to Church in person or your own Bible reading.

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Try and Read!
Holy Bible covered with dust and the words written in the dust "READ ME!"

It is important to read Christian books and we would encourage you to read what you can – even if you’re not a big reader. There is a (very limited) library in the Church Hall and books can be ordered easily online (see table below) or in person from the CLC bookshop in Inverness.

Kindles and other eBook readers make it so easy to take a whole library with you wherever you go and these can be accessed through apps on your phone or tablet too. There are audio versions of books available for those who aren’t great readers but can listen.

We would recommend authors such as C S Lewis, Timothy Keller, John Ortberg, C H Spurgeon, John Stott, D Martyn-Lloyd Jones, Joni Eareckson Tada, Richard Bewes among others

Books; eBooks & Bible ReadingsAudio Books
The Good Book Company
Including the Explore Bible Reading and Explore App - Apple and Android apps
Christian Audio
Different Free product each month. This month it is the ESV version of the Bible
The Resurgence website
Traditional books and eBooks from Eden.co.uk
Amazon Kindle Store for eBooks and search under Christianity on Amazon for traditional books Amazon's Audiobook store www.audible.co.uk/
Google Play > Store > Books Android device > Audiobooks app > Google Store

Prayer is really about a relationship – we’re talking to our Father in Heaven who loves us so, so deeply. He delights in our spending time with him. He delights in his children. Amazing!

Make prayer a daily routine - find a quiet place and time that suits you– but talk to God throughout the day as well. Develop the habits of interacting with him as you go – maybe asking for help, forgiveness, or perhaps giving thanks.

Claspt hands over the Bible - with the title below

We can pray anywhere, anytime, wherever we are. It is important to pray together as well as a Church family, but also pray together where possible as families or couples.

Don’t be afraid to talk about anything with God. There’s nothing too big that he can’t cope with and nothing too small that he doesn’t care about. And remember – he knows everything already so why hold something back? We pray knowing this, but also knowing that prayer is powerful and effective5 – it moves the hand of God. The Bible is full of examples of God answering prayer and God’s love gives us confidence to come and pray.